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Insider View Of The Brawl Stars Guide to Gem Grab Maps

Gem Grab Brawlers

In Gem Grab, you can either collect the gems popping out from the gem mine in the middle of the map or take them from the fallen enemies. Once you have 10 gems, holding it during the whole countdown will result in victory. Sounds easy, but not really! 

Learn all about the different Brawl Stars Game Modes

There are different maps for this game mode, and each map has its features and design that you must know to master the gem grab mode. In this brawl stars guide you will find the details about each map and which brawler is perfect for which map. 

Gem Grab - Brawl Stars Game Mode Brawl Stars UP!

Red Herring

It is a community map for the Gem Grab event with various shaped bushes, horizontal blocks and 2 fences in the middle surrounding a gem mine.

Rosa can be a strong player in this map as she can take great advantage of bushes to creep up on the enemies and unleash damage quickly; she can also use bushes to increase her health potential. Piper will be another perfect match for this map, he can be a gem carrier and can use the seemingly confined nature of the map providing ease for aiming at opponents. Byron can use his long-range powers to attack and heal his allies simultaneously. 

Minecart Madness

It is the first map that featured interactive minecarts. This map consists of multiple layers of interchanging cover and Minecraft tracks. You need to avoid the minecrafts as they deal 2000 damage per hit which can be quite damaging for your low-health brawlers. So it’s best to choose high-health brawlers like El Primo or Frank to tackle all the challenges of this map. You can also use Brock and Dynamike, as their powers will help in crushing the minecrafts.

Ice Fort

Right-angled walls surround ice Fort map, and there are only four entrances in it, two of which are next to bushy lanes. Gale can be used in this map to stop the opponents from entering the map using his Super. Brawlers like Bo and Tara can deal damage on the opponents at the center even without walls, and Jessie Nita and Emz can force enemies out of the center with their powers and gadgets. Once you control the center of the map, the top two corners are the perfect hiding places as there are lots of bushes there. 

Gem Grab - Brawl Stars Game Mode Brawl Stars UP!

Apart from that check brawl stars tier list to know which brawler is best for which mode. 

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