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Brawl Stars Characters

There are 43 Brawl Stars Characters and here are insights into five of them  – Edgar, Nani, Mr. P, Byron, and Gale. 

Brawl Stars Characters Brawl Stars UP!
Edgar, Nani, Mr. P, Byron, and Gale

So, let’s get right to the details!

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Edgar is one of the best Brawl Stars characters. 

He is an Epic Brawler, and regarded as an assassin. Edgar’s main characteristics include:

Just this month, Edgar’s Star Power “Fisticuffs” was added. This new Star Power gives Edgar 25% more healing from damage he deals and brings his total healing rate to 31.25%.


The next brawler in our list of Brawl Stars characters is another Epic Brawler, Nani.

Nani is a highly aggressive brawler and here are some of her prime characteristics:

More about Star Power

Mr. P

MR. P is one of the cutest and most adorable Brawl Stars characters. He belongs to the Mythic rating. Here are some of the features of this brawler. 


The next brawler in this list of Brawl Stars characters is Byron, another Mythic brawler. Some of his distinguishing characteristics are:


Gale is the next brawler in this list of Brawl Stars characters. He is one of the few Chromatic Brawlers and here are the features that make him unique:

Final Verdict

These Brawl Stars characters have various strengths. Thus, depending upon the event they are participating in, players must choose the best option.


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