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Brawl Stars Character Ranking

Brawl Stars Character Ranking

Our favorite game, ‘Brawl Stars’, just got updated in the last week of April! 

And do you know, they updated all of our favorite Brawl Stars Characters and introduced another powerful Brawler to the Brawl Stars family!

Ranking the Brawl Stars Characters

As the game gets updated, the creators also update some of the characters to surprise us. Sometimes the Brawlers’ skins are updated, and sometimes their Star Powers are upgraded. When we use these characters to play Brawl Stars, they fight better than before and easily win the battles!

Let’s rank the Brawl Stars Characters according to our new Brawl Stars Tier List.

S tier List

The Brawlers in our S tier list are:

Edgar, the epic assassin, is as epically deadly as they come. He has high damaging abilities with easy health recovery. He recovers his health every time he attacks his enemies. How cool is that!

His super power vault also charges automatically. Another special thing about our Brawler is that his attack reloads Super swiftly. Compatible with every Brawl Stars game mode, Edgar is one of the best Brawlers with tons of Brawl Stars Memes.

This sand storm creating maniac is a force to be reckoned with on the battlefield. As sleepy as he is, Sandy can conjure a sandstorm and defeat his enemies easily. He stays invisible within his sandstorm and ambushes his enemies, unaware. His primary attack is really dangerous and pierces his enemies and hits multiple opponents at once. Her sandstorm is also very useful to her teammates and conceals them as well when they face their opponents together.

This new electric bolt shooting chromatic Brawler is quite dangerous in the face of her enemies. She has high damaging abilities and can shoot multiple opponents at once, rendering them shocked with her attack.

Her gadgets and star powers are quite handy in battle and offer her an easy win. Her super power increases the damage an enemy has previously endured and defeats them easily.

Our mad mythic scientist is never off the list of deadly poisonous assassins. His experimenting chemicals slow his enemies and damage them over time in the battle to make their attacks and efforts to defeat Byron useless. His Super which consists of a vial thrown at his enemies, damages them effectively. So, be careful around this Brawler, who is dangerous to a fault.

Mortis, our lethal enemy-throwing mythic Brawler, is also on our S tier list. He destroys his enemies and damages them effectively by shoveling them out of the way. He uses his shovel to hit his enemies and paves his way through them. As dangerous as he is, his Super is to conjure vampire bats and do his bidding by damaging his enemies.

These are the Brawlers that made it to our S tier list. The better they are, the more Brawl Stars Memes they have. So, use these Brawl Stars Characters in your next game and win the battle effortlessly!

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