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Best Brawlers

Brawl Stars players! Are you ready to find out the best Brawlers in Brawl Stars? 

We have made several Brawl Stars Tier Lists, and these Brawlers always make it at the top of the List!

How good are they!? 

Let’s discuss the best Brawlers that will always have your back in all Brawl Stars game modes! Some of the best Brawlers are mythic and legendary are!

Byron Brawl Stars

Byron Brawl Stars is a mythic and conniving scientist among all Brawlers. He uses his experimental darts on the battlefield. He stabs his enemies with them, causing low damage that keeps damaging them over time in the entire battle, slowing them down and weakening them, giving Byron an easy victory!

Mortis Brawl Stars

Mortis Brawl Stars is another mysterious mythic Brawler who loves destruction. He is a close-ranged Brawler who uses his shovel to attack his enemies and cause high damage. He paves his way by shoveling his enemies right and left and maximizes his attack by using his Super and setting vampire bats on his enemies that also cause high damage.

Spike Brawl Stars

Spike Brawl Stars, the legendary friendly-looking Brawler who has deadly tricks up his sleeves! His small primary attack, which is a cactus thrown at his enemies, becomes dangerous on contact as it explodes and shoots spikes in all directions, damaging all his adversaries. His Super is also quite effective as it slows all his enemies down, making it easier for Spike Brawl Stars to bring destruction to his opponents.

Sandy Brawl Stars

This legendary sleep-deprived Brawler is a dangerous foe to have. Sandy Brawl Stars has the sand in his hands and can damage multiple enemies at once. His Super is also quite powerful as it allows him to summon a sandstorm and become invisible to his enemies. With his sand storm, he can conceal his teammates and ambush their enemies unaware, giving Sandy’s team an easy victory!

Mr. P Brawl Stars 

Mr. P, the mythic Brawler with an anger issue, is a dangerous one to face against. He throws suitcases at his enemies to defeat them, dealing maximum damage. If you make him angrier, he summons his Robo porters to do his bidding and attack his adversaries and cause damage. Mr. P ranks high on our Brawl Stars Tier List due to his dangerous persona and high damage-dealing abilities!

Well, these are the best Brawl Stars Brawlers from our Brawl Stars Tier List; we hope that you agree with our choices. If you disagree, let us know in the comment section below: Who do you think is the best Brawler?

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