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How to be a Top Player in Brawl Stars 3v3 Game Modes!

Brawl Stars 3v3 Tier List

Online multiplayer battle arena games are getting popular and constantly getting improvements and updates from the developers. Brawl Stars is no exception, and last year, 2 new bawlers were added to the game, Bryon and Edgar. But this year is the perfect time to talk about the whole 3v3 tier list. This is a reminder for players of Brawl Stars that now brawlers get the points based on the tier placement in all 6 of the 3v3 game modes. 

BRAWL STARS UP - 3v3 Tier List | 3V3 Game Modes

So here is the competitive Meta and 3v3 tier list based on the insights of the pro players and how worthy is an overall adjustment according to each tier worth.

Brawl Stars 3v3 Tier List Ranking

This list is based on the balance and is for the competitive meta:

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Brawl Stars 3v3 Tier List

This 3v3 list is based on each brawler’s rated effectiveness overall. But the tiers for the game showdown are not included in this list. This is because it only measures the brawler’s performance in 3v3 scenarios. This list comprises high rated brawlers on the top, and low rated on the last. 

The S Tier

This S tier consists of the excellent brawlers of the Gem Grab mode, which are:

This Tier is the top level of the game that’s why only a limited number of brawlers made their way to Tier S. The above brawlers are the best in this tier.

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The A Tier 

This tier list is the mid or great level of the Brawl Stars. The brawler’s list that performs best in this tier are mentioned below:

These brawlers are part of this great tier list due to their performance and set of characters. 

The B Tier

The brawlers in this tier weren’t able to make the place in the two top tiers that’s why they are placed in this Tier of the Brawl Stars Gem Grab Mode. This list features the following brawlers: 

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This tier list was made after the Pro player insights on the game. The B tier placement is worth one point, while the A tier placements are now worth three points rather than two. The S tier placement is now worth nine points instead of three. 

The Gem Grab mode offers a great gameplay experience in which players must choose the best brawlers. The above list of the Brawl Stars 3v3 tier list can help a gamer take a great deal by making the right decision when you play this game next time. 

Keep checking the Brawl Stars website for more updates on the latest 3v3 tier list and how you can play better in the game.



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