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Bo Brawl Stars: Strengths, Weaknesses and Best Tips for New Players


Bo Brawl Stars Guide

Bo Brawl Stars, the herculean archer, is one of the most powerful brawlers in Brawl Stars. Today, we will discuss Bo’s strengths, weaknesses and guide you to become the top player in the Brawl Stars Tier List by following our tips!

Bo’s Attacks

Bo’s main attack, Eagle-eyed, deals moderate to great damage, consists of firing three simultaneous explosive arrows right at his enemies. It is a long-ranged attack and goes from left to right when shot at the enemy, thwarting all their chances of running away.

Expert in the task of hunting, our archer brawler knows how to catch enemies by trapping them! 

When Bo uses his Super, catch a Fox, he throws an arrow across obstacles and sets three mines on the ground. These mines are visible upon landing but become invisible to enemies soon until an enemy brawler triggers them. In the 3v3 games, teammates are able to see these traps but not the enemy team. When an enemy brawler steps on them, they beep, flash and explode in a second, knock back enemies, destroy obstacles, and deal loads of damage.

Bo Brawl Stars Strengths 

Bo, our powerful archer, has some great skills that make him superior to all the other Brawl Stars characters. These strengths include:


As strong as Bo, our brawling archer is, he has some little weaknesses that include:

Best Tips for Bo Brawl Stars 

Some of the best tips to use Bo Brawl Stars and shoot to the top of the Brawl Stars Tier list are:

Remember Bo Brawl Stars’ strengths in your next battle; try to avoid getting him in spots where his weakness becomes obvious, and he gets left in a vulnerable position. 

Use our tips efficiently and earn your place in the Brawl Stars Tier list!



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