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Best Tips for Winning Robo Rumble

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Robo Rumble is the game mode where instead of fighting against enemy Brawl Star characters, you have to face Robots! 

This time the Brawl Stars characters are your teammates, so choose them wisely to gain victory in the game mode!

What to Do in Robo Rumble?

In Robo Rumble, the three-brawler team goes against 9 waves of enemy robots that appear to destroy you and your teammates as well as the safe you have to protect.

 Four types of robots that appear to take you and your team down are:

These robots have high health but low damage-dealing abilities. Their movement is slow but they have fast attacking speed. They attack brawlers every 0.4 seconds. Their movement speed gets a boost when they get enraged.

These robots are famous for their low health and high damage dealing properties. Their range is high but their attacking speed is low. They shoot fast-speed bullets to take brawlers down from a 9-tile radius. 

These mini robots are popular for their medium health and medium damage-dealing abilities. But their speed and attacking speed are incomparably fast. Their speed is 900, faster than many Brawl Stars characters. They also get a boost in their speed when they are enraged, so, better keep out watch for them.

At wave five, these big boss robots make their entry! They are the stronger and bigger versions of Melee Robots that have slightly higher speed and range. Their average range attack is 13 tiles but when they get enraged, their range reduces to 10 tiles. They usually use their melee attack, but when a brawler comes in their sight, they use their range attack which consists of 6 slow-moving missiles that cause high damage on contact and can break obstacles.

Best Brawlers for Robo Rumble

Our Robo Rumble guide recommends you use the following Brawl Stars characters while playing the Robo Rumble game mode.

The S Tier brawlers for Robo Rumble are: 


The A Tier brawlers for Robo Rumble are:

El Primo

Ultimate Robo Rumble Guide to Win!

When playing Robo Rumble, this is the ultimate Robo Rumble Guide to winning:

So, the next time, you play Robo Rumble remember our Rumble guide and destroy those robots in minutes and become the best players!


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