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The Best Star Power Of Every Brawler in Brawl Stars

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We all want to know which star power to buy for which brawler, and believe me, choosing it wisely could save you a lot of time and in-game coins. So, here we go through the best star power for each and every brawler, so that you don’t have to get to the trouble of searching.

Best Star Power for Every Brawler

We got shell-shock which can slow down enemy players and down we got band-aid which heals her 1800 HP after 40% health. Shelly in pretty much any 3v3 game mode you want to use shell-shock. The slowdown is just so good for controlling maps and band-aid the only mode I would ever consider using band-aid would be so  slow down to a showdown or even like takedowns let’s move on tonight
Nita, either bear with me recovering HP of Nita and the bear does as well or hyper bear where its attacks were faster. Overall I would say bear with me just because it just has a lot more utility to it. But hyper bear can come in handy and can deal insane damage to the vault in the heist.
Colt slick boots increase movement speed or Magnum special increases his attack and super range. Well so personally I like slick boots. More can I feel like it’s underrated, allows you to shoot shots and at the same time you know dodge those shots easier and you can do more that way there’s more skill involved whereas Magnum special this would be know preferably better for an open map like takedown as Colts best mode
We got Bull now with you the berserker which increases his reload speed or tough guy which shields him both below 40 percent . So overall tough guy is just better pretty much everywhere except in heist where I’ll consider using a berserker because that double reload when his HP is below 40 percent just helps so much.
Now we got Jessie. Jessie with energized where she heals her turrets or shocky where the turret bounces shots. So personally I almost never use shocky like the only time I would be like Rumble Rumble. But energize is so much better pretty much in any 3v3 game. Energize is  like a high trophy star power whereas shocky is good like below 500 trophies.
We got incendiary where the rocket explodes and deals damage or rocket number four giving Brock of the 4th rocket. Incendiary, in my opinion, is overall better especially right now and after all those buffs it’s been getting especially at high trophies you know for pros it’s much better because you can use it to zone and zoning. It is such a great strategy
Well, Dyna jump where he obviously jumps and demolition where you got an additional thousand damage from his super. So like the only ones I’d consider using demolition would be siege or heist or any map where like Mortis is almost never used.  For Skilled player jump is like almost always better, some people are so good with it.
Circling Eagle increases his view range in bushes or snare a bear which stuns them for two seconds. Snare a bear is really really good I think it might be even veteran like lower trophies where players aren’t that great at you to know triggering the mine without getting stunned but circling circling equally is great in my opinion especially you know maps that are very bushy
The well oiled where he starts recovering health faster or automatic reload where his reload time is 10 percent shorter. This is a really controversial one probably the hardest to answer but personally I prefer well oiled the quicker you regen obviously the more you can attack. The map where Tick is good you’re also gonna face opposing tick and against you know those ticks, well oiled is just better for countering them because you can use you know you can regen faster from their damage
Then we got boosted booster increasing his turrets range versus extra life where he gets an extra life. So I feel like boosted boosters is just really not great especially at low trophies probably because most people just die instantly for an extra life, right but yeah for you know high trophies or you know competitive play I feel like you should always go with the boosted booster you especially in 3v3 modes. Consider using extra light in solo mode as all the solo modes actually just give you one life.
Talking about el primo we got el fuego where the enemy targets to get hit by his super take burn damage for 4 seconds or meteor rush where he gets that speed boost for 4 seconds. At this point, I would almost never consider using meteor rush anywhere other than brawl ball. But as you play you know that additional damage is gonna be very good for the siege.


Medical use where he regains health for every attack or extra noxious where he deals more damage with every attack. It’s really balanced between the two but if I had to choose I would go through medical use just because that an ability to heal yourself first shot and just continue to assert pressure you can do a lot more




Okay, let’s talk about Poco started with Da capo where you can heal friendly teammates or it screeching solo where you can deal damage with this super. So this is very map dependent and also comp dependent, the Da Capo is super underrated especially if you’re using the tanky comps or using Poco with a Rose or a Darryl also if it’s if the map is very open right if the map has very little walls whereas for screeching solo you want to use that in the absolute either a lot of walls or if you’re using a comp that you know it doesn’t really have tanks





With plant life where she heals when she’s in a bush or thorny gloves where she deals extra damage during her super. I almost always use plant lives. It is a little underrated but at the same time, not the best I guess the main mode that you want to use thorny gloves would be siege. Plant life would be better for a control type map with a lot of bushes





Rico, we got super bouncy with extra damage for bouncing shots and Robo retreat where he runs thirty percent or thirty four percent faster when he falls below certain HP. Robo Retreat is so much fun but the only one you want to use robo retreat would be like brawl ball, in takedown you could also use it which I would retreat from point A to point B essentially but super bouncy one is pretty much everywhere else every other map so overall I’d probably say super bouncy. Then yes overall super bouncy.





Then we got Darryl with steel hoops where he does damage reduction and Rolling reload where he increases his reload speed. So rolling reload got a rework and I’m still pretty sceptical about it I don’t really use it much I have tested a little but you know overall I have to go with steel hoops pretty much everywhere





Either the last blast with the extra blast barrage of bombs or balls of fire. Alright so last blast is just so dangerous but there’s probability involved in it, there’s a luck factor and in high-level play, I feel like balls of fire pretty much everywhere is better especially in a control type map, where you can cover the area with balls of fire, it’s also quite hard to destroy her turret as it has very long range.





Well okay let’s talk about Carl,  um power throw where his attack goes out and returns faster or protective parroute where he receives reduced damage during his super so protective parrot has been getting a lot of buffs recently and I feel like it’s overall much better than his first-star power although probably usage rate you’re gonna probably see more people using his first-star power right. I’m just gonna tell you this right now it’s one of the best star power that’s going off the radar right now.





Let’s go with Piper then ambush where she deals more damage in the bush or snappy sniping where she reloads faster if she hits her targets. So right now with that additional damage so much I would have to go with ambush in pretty much any map with even little bushes. You would want to go with snappy sniping in the siege and also same to the heist.





Pam Mama’s hug where she heals herself and teammates for 40 HP whenever she hits target or Mama’s squeeze for her turret deals damage. This is a tough one like it’s very controversial but I have to go to momma’s hug in most modes because of how good that additional heel is just you know it heals not only herself but also teammates around her and that can be pretty significant. Mama squeeze I would say it’s more competent it also depends on the map whether it has walls where you could actually place that turret you know in an area where you can prohibit enemies from getting there from going there just great for area control




Power grab where he deals extra damage for 12 seconds after killing an enemy or sponge where he gains 1800 health and becomes literally the most tankiest in the game. Alright so sponge seems really good but in actuality, Frank really needs that power ground 50% power boost whenever you kill someone allows him to go and team sweep and like destroy everybody near him



Homerun with a faster movement speed or batting stance with the shielding. This is pretty controversial as both star power are very good but I think it’s very comp dependent so if you’re running this batting stance you want to run it with like a Poco comp a healer that can you know keep supporting you and be alive also batting stance is overall better in siege,  whereas, homerun personally I love homerun over batting stance in brawl ball. I just feel like I can do a lot more with speed and be more aggressive.




Next, we’ve got Mortis, creepy harvest where he heals when he kills and coiled snake where he increases that first swing – so creepy harvest has been getting some good buffs but I would still have to go with coil snake as better range swinging could just do so much it’s a lot easier to get in on enemies and like take them out.





Black portal where she summons a shadow that hurts people or healing shade where it heals people instead. So the thing is like a black portal is not bad but healing shade, it’s just better you can do so much with it and not only heal you but if you’re a full health it can heal your teammate you can do so much you can move it around and use it a shield, just so much utility





Next, we got gene with magic puffs where he heals friendly brawlers around him or spirits lap when he deals more damage when his supercharged up. So spirit slap is just so good especially like in Lone Star where you can three shot any medium health brawler.






First is fertilized where he heals himself when he’s in his super or curveball where it attacks in a circling motion and is more likely to hit targets. So overall I would say fertilizer is better and I know a lot of pros will disagree with me on this but fertilize in my opinion if you’re a skilled spike player you don’t need curveball as you can always use the spikes from the main attack to hit the enemy. Also, spike’s only disadvantage is his health which can be filled up with fertilize





Extra toxic where enemies actually deal less damage or carrion crow where his attacks deal more damage when they’re full or 50% health right so like I’ve been seeing so many people use Carrion crow in 3v3 when they shouldn’t because extra toxic is much much better that’s the 20% damage reduction, imagine brawler getting nerfed by 20% damage. Most of the brawlers cant three-shot you anymore like for example Mortis whom you can do very easily. SO, you should always be using extra toxic especially  conserving shots is more important or else you are gonna be always three swiped by any brawlers





Leon smoke trails where he moves faster during his only six-second star power super now or invisheal where he heals 1000 HP per second during that super. That’s a pretty tough one but invisiheal heal you should use that in showdown because survival is important and you also want to use invisiheal in most 3v3 game modes you can use your super without even having to worry about getting shot at you can just run steamroll at them.





Finally, we’ve got sandy where we have rude sands where the sandstorm either deals damage to players or healing winds where it heals teammates. So I would say healing winds is better overall mainly cuz most maps aren’t very bushy and for pros, they’re very good at you to know scouting enemies without having to you know scout them with vision right they can easily predict, which means healing the whole team is going to be very essential.



AT the end of the day it depends on you which brawler star power you’re going to get first. This list is for those who take the game seriously and not just for fun. Each star power has its own pros and cons so always choose them wisely.



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