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Gem Grab Guide for New Players: Top 5 Brawlers and Best Tips

Gem Grab Brawlers

Hey guys, today I’m going to show you the top 5 Brawlers in Gem Grab game mode right now. We will start from top 5 to top 1 Brawler.

Some special tips for Gem Grab are also included below.

best gem grab brawlers

Some Tips for Gem Grab

First, here are some tips for you to play Gem Grab mode better.

The main object of this game mode is to control the center of the map, where Gem spawns, not attacking blindly to get as many gems as possible.

There should be 3 roles in a Gem Grab team:

Every player should focus on winning his/her own side first before helping the one nearby when needed.

Player/Brawler who should play aggressively shouldn’t be the Gem Grabber. For example, any tank or melee Brawler shouldn’t be the Gem Grabber.

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Top 5 Brawlers for Gem Grab


Jessie is one of the best Brawlers you can use in the Gem Grab game mode.

Jessie is literally only good because of her insanely powerful super and star power.

Her energy orbs travel quite slow making it easy for the enemy to dodge the shots, but on the flip side, it could almost always bounce on other brawlers when they are crowded giving you insane value with just one shot. When many brawlers are grouped, three quick auto aims will leave them very low on hp.

You should always try to place the turret where the enemies can’t reach and that would be in front of walls towards your side. This placement is good because the enemy is definitely going to cross through the turret and if they try to attack you, the turret is gonna deal a lot of damage and the enemy can’t easily reach the turret.


There’s no surprise that he’s one of the best brawlers in gem grab, but he’s not ranked higher in the list because of the popularity of so many tanks in this meta like Darryl and Rosa.

Well, he can’t really do anything at the start of the match, but chip on the opponents continuously and charge up your super as soon as possible. Now your super is gonna change the fate of the game.

Sneak onto one of the bushes or directly into opponents and also make sure your team is ready so that they can easily kill them when you distract the whole team with your super.

Sneaking onto one brawler and killing is enough to keep the enemy team pushed back and then continue doing that can secure you definite victory


3. Nita

Nita is the second Brawler you unlock in Brawl Stars after Shelly, and she is even one of the best Brawlers in the game right now.

Nita is so good at playing aggressively so it’s better to not use her if you don’t like playing aggressively.

Peeking and attacking are what you want to do while using Nita because she can do great damage per attack, has fast attack speed, good attack range, and her attack is also pretty wide comparing to the others.

Use her Super, which summons a Bear to scout the enemies nestling ins the grasses, to attack people hiding behind the walls or to get advantages in large fights, making them more chaotic.

Also, don’t hesitate to use the Super to shield yourself when you are on low Health. It will give you a decent amount of time to heal and escape, or even fight back.

Always try not to stand right next to the Bear to deal with splash damage or Jessie.

2. Spike

Spike is just so good at winning his side.

Due to the special of his basic attack, it’s not hard at all to hit the enemy and charge up the Super while using Spike.

Do note that Spike will do insane damage if the spike ball hits the target directly so you will want to use the Quick attack if the target is close right next to you.

Otherwise, you can just stay behind any obstacle, do chip damage and build up the Super.

His Super is pretty huge so try to use it in the middle fights. It’s also very useful to slow down the enemies when you want to get away, prevent them from chasing you.


Poco was not a very popular brawler, but it is one right now because of the tank meta.

Standalone, Poco is one of the worst brawler because of his very low damage projectiles. But when teamed up with tanks like Rosa and Darryl, he can be surprisingly deadly. His area projectiles can control area really well.

His star power heals teammates for 800 hp , which means you can heal your teammates to help them whenever they are attacking the enemy brawler and three quick shots will give them 2400 HP, which is insane. Brawlers like Darryl has shield star power when combined with Da Capo can annihilate any team comp.

On top of that, he’s got a super which heals teammates for nearly 3000 health allowing everyone to make aggressive plays and sometimes escape tight situations.


Brawl Stars - Top 5 Brawlers for Gem Grab!



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