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Brawl Stars Guide for New Players: Top 5 Best Gem Grab Brawlers

Hello guys and welcome back to another Brawl Stars guide! Hope you guys are having a great day! Today we’ll be talking about the best 5 brawlers for beginners in Gem Grab.

Let’s hop right into this!

Gem Grab Brawlers

Brawls Stars Guide: Gem Grab Basics

Okay so let’s just go over how Gem Grab works.

This a 3v3 gamemode and the objective is to collect 10 gems and start the countdown. After 15 seconds holding 10 gems, you will win the match.

Now if both teams are tied 10 gems or more the game will keep going till 1 team can get more gems and hold out with that 15 second countdown.

A little tip for beginners in Gem Grab is to have 1 person on your team to carry the gems. The other 2 teammates will try keeping the enemies at bay and allow their gem carrier to get all 10 gems.

When you have all 10 gems, keep formation and start moving towards your spawn.

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Best Gem Grab Brawlers Brawls Stars Guide for Beginners

Brawl Stars Nita


Now the first brawler we’ll be discussing here is gonna be Nita.

She’s good here because she can be decent at taking out enemy brawlers and keeping them at bay.

Nita’s bear is also quite good here. Making enemies waste their attacks. You definitely want to take out her bear as quickly as possible. Not only does it do a lot of damage, it will follow you wherever you go, exposing you if you’re hiding in the grass.

Nita is not usually used as gem carrier. Try to be support to your gem carrier.

Brawl Stars Colt


The second brawler we’ll be talking about will be Colt.

Colt is good because he has that high DPS and super that allows him to break any walls enemy brawlers may be hiding behind.

Colt can be used as a Gem Carrier but he’s better being support.

Always remember to aim your shots while using Colt unless enemies are at point blank range. It’s very easy to miss with auto-aim because his shots are very narrow.

Brawl Stars Jessie


The third brawler we’ll be mentioning here is gonna be Jessie.

Now Jessie is a great Gem Carrier. Her shots that rebound off enemies can be detrimental.

Jessie’s super spawns a little turret that starts shooting the closest enemy. Try putting this turret in a place where it can shoot enemies and can’t be found easily. This will also help put pressure on enemies and keep them back as you collect the gems.

If a enemy tries to assassinate you, put your turret down in front of you. It will tank for a little bit and put in a little damage hoping the enemy will back off.

Remember that hitting 1 enemy could lead to hitting the other 2, so try aiming your shots and predicting enemy movements.

Brawl Stars Penny


The fourth brawler is gonna be Penny. Now like Jessie, she can also be the Gem Carrier.

Her shots do 3x damage to the enemy behind the first enemy you hit. Try to take advantage of any enemies that are near each other.

But Penny’s Mortar is what makes her so great. Her Mortar does a heap of damage in 1 shot. Place the Mortar behind a wall so enemies can’t take it out easily and let it put in work. You don’t want to put it out in the open and allow enemies to take your mortar out.

Once again, aiming your shots while using Penny is very important.

Brawl Stars Pam


The fifth and last brawler we’ll be discussing is gonna be Pam.

She’s definitely the best for Gem Grab. She has insane control on the whole map pushing back the enemies and being able to collect gems without many problems.

Once you get your Super, put it behind a wall so enemies can’t destroy it too easily. This will allow you, and your teammates to heal in the area of your healing turret.

Pam might be a little harder to get because she’s an Epic brawler. But if you have her, I always recommend using her in Gem Grab.

These were the best 5 brawlers for beginners in Gem Grab in my opinion. When you start to gain more trophies, there will be more brawlers you can use.

Brawl Stars - 5 Best Brawlers for Beginners in Gem Grab

Anyways I hope these tips have helped you guys a little. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll catch you guys in the next guide! Peace ✌



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