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Best Brawlers for Robo Rumble With Over 20 Tips

If you are looking for the best Brawlers for the Robo Rumble mode in Brawl Stars, you might find this guide super helpful.

I am going to list out the top 5 Brawlers for the specific Robo Rumble game mode right now as well as the best tips for using them.

Typically, if you want to get the biggest rewards possible, you need to have the Brawler with the highest damage sustained over long period of time. This means that they need to be able to deal a lot of damage and also has a fairly fast reload speed.

Currently the five brawlers in Robo Rumble are Pam, Jessie, Frank, El Primo and Bull.

Brawlers with high damage but slow reload speed will get a lot of struggles.

Tips for Robo Rumble



Robo Rumble Brawler composition and roles


It would be best if you have PamJessie and Bull. I would not mind if you would want to substitute Bull for El Primo or Frank. You could also swap Jessie for Barley or Penny.

Some team compositions are…..

  1. Pam, Jessie and Bull

  2. Pam, Jessie and Frank

  3. Pam, Barley and El Primo

  4. Pam, Penny and Bull

Robo Rumble Roles

That aside, let’s move on to the roles of each brawler and how they can contribute to keeping the team alive.

** Take note that the higher your brawler power level, the easier it is to clear the area before you get overwhelmed by them. Star power does help a ton! **                                                                                                   Source:Reddit



Best Brawlers for Robo Rumble


Pam is the best brawler in Robo Rumble despite having a slightly lower DPS than Bull. Ont cog doesn’t do too much damage but if she can hit the boss with all of the cogs, she can easily melt through it.

You want to stay close to the enemies so all of the cogs actually hit the target. Not not too close so that the bots cannot deal damage to you.

The best way to do this is to walk close to the bot, hit the auto shoot then walk to the opposite direction that you were firing.

Another tip with playing Pam is to make sure you are not just firing from a long distance even if you are facing against those sniper bots. Because she does very little damage from far distance.

Place the healing turret directly on the Safe. This means that you and your teammates will be able to utilize it no matter which direction the enemy bots are coming from. Additionally, it can also be used as a distraction against some bots that actually do get closer onto the Safe to deal some damage to it.


Jessie is number two on the list of best Brawlers for Robo Rumble.

If her regular attack can hit three bots, she actually has slightly higher DPS than Pam. Though cannot happen consistently, it is really helpful later on when you trying to get to the 6’15” mark because at that point, there are bots coming from all sorts of directions and she frequently does hit three bots at a time.

But on top of that, why she is really helpful is because if she places the turret directly on to the safe, it will be able to attack all of the bots that are able to attack the safe. This adds a ton of additional damage per second which can be super helpful.

She has a weakness though is that she has a very low DPS against the Boss.

My best tip is to place her turret in a spot close enough to the Boss so that it will be able to kill the Boss but not so close that the Boss will actually able to hit it instantly and take it out. If you do it right, Jessie should almost have another Super charge by the time the Boss gets taken out. After that you can throw the next turret on the safe.



Frank has been replaced with 8 bit because of his insanely long range and exceptional Damage per second. He can be quite underwhelming early game but he can melt the robo boss just by himself. Always try to maintain a long distance as you cant really escape from the mouse and sniper bots.

Sniper bots are really deadly, if you run in a straight line with your very slow movement speed, your are guaranteed to die. Also dieing once is gonna affect your team, you are gonna be out of the game for a whole 10 seconds. Mouse bots are more annoying, so the best advice is to always save up one ammo everytime you know that you would  die.

Always throw your super either in between walls or exactly in the center so that none of the bots can easily snipe it. You dont really need your super when destroying robo boss because you already have an insanely high DPS.

8 bit, when teamed up with pam and jessie or bull, can possibly be the best comp right now for this meta. Pams healing star power, super and 8 Bit’s super can make a bull totally annihilate the robo boss within 10 seconds.

Always use the extra radius star power so that your team mates can still use it if they are far away. Dont use Extra life, totally useless.

More Robo Rumble Brawlers

El Primo In Robo Rumble

El Primo is also another very great Brawler to use in Robo Rumble.

His DPS is similar to Pam and his Super can even reset the Boss’s Rockets.

The trick to El Primo is using walls to get close to snipers and then quickly take them out.

When facing Melee bots, you want to walk towards them until they are within your attack range, then attack them while moving backwards.

When there are multiple bots getting close to El Primo, he can double his DPS by attacking 2 bots at once. This does risk him actually, receiving a lot of damage and being taken out, but if you can risk it and you know that you have the HP reserve to do so, this is an incredibly effective use of El Primo.


Bull In Robo Rumble


Bull is also a decent option for Robo Rumble.

He is not quite as good as the others but he does offer a slightly higher DPS than the others in this list, even without his Star Power (doubles his reload speed when he is below 40% HP).

You can play Bull similarly to El Primo but you have to especially close to those bots in order to make his entire shot land on them.

Bull can actually be a really great Brawler to use in Robo Rumble because of his Star Power when he is maxed out. But he is definitely a more high skill Brawler to use because of his short range.


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