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Best Brawl Tier List 2021

2021 Brawl Stars Tier List

Brawl Stars is a multiplayer game where players from all over the world compete. They defeat each other by brawling with Brawl Stars characters and earn the title of best players in the Brawl Stars stats.

Brawl Stars Tier List 2021

There are different types of Brawl Tier Lists that rank the brawlers. One list ranks brawlers that are the best in all game modes, the other lists go by game modes and list the best to worst in each game mode.

Let’s discuss the best brawlers in 2021 and make a Brawl Stars Tier List consistent with each game mode. Each player would be rated according to:

S Tier: Excellent Brawlers

A Tier: Great Brawlers

B Tier: Good Brawlers

C Tier: Average Brawlers

F Tier: Worst Brawlers

Gem Grab is a 3v3 game mode, where the objective is to collect ten gems and hold them for 15 seconds away from the enemy team. The first team to do that would be the winner. The best brawlers in the Brawl Tier List for Gem Grab are:

S TierByron, Edgar and Colt
A TierBea, Nita and Piper
B TierMortis, Spike and Sandy
C TierTick, Bibi and Penny
F TierEmz, Shelly and Crow

Bounty is an offence-based game mode in Brawl Stars where two teams compete against each other and try to collect as many Stars as possible in a span of two minutes. To earn Stars, the strategy is to defeat enemy brawlers and earn as many bounties over your head as you can. The more the bounties, the more the Stars! And you win!

S TierByron, Piper and Nani
A TierColt, Bea and Mr P
B TierEdgar, 8-Bit and Mortis
C TierSprout, Rico and Poco
F TierTara, Crow and Pam

The objective in this game mode is to protect your safe at any cost and simultaneously try your best to destroy the enemy’s safe. The winner is the team that has their safe fully intact at the end of the game.

S TierColt, 8-Bit and Edgar
A TierByron, Pam and Spike
B TierDarryl, Colette and Bull
C TierTick, Piper and Brock
F TierRico, Shelly and El Primo

In the Brawl Ball game mode, the target is to throw the ball in the enemy brawler’s goal. The first team that goals two times wins the round. In this mode, the brawlers have to destroy the enemy brawlers as well as the obstacles in their pathway to race towards victory, aka the enemy goal!

S TierColt, Byron and Edgar
A TierBea, Mortis and Surge
B TierPam, Mr P and Nita
C TierBarley, Gene and Lou
F TierSprout, El Primo and Crow

In Solo Showdown, you have to fight for your life, and the last one standing is the winner. Similarly, in Duo Showdown, you have a partner, and you have to plan and survive together and be the last team standing to win the game. The Brawl Tier List for Showdown is:

S TierEdgar, Byron and Colt
A TierBea, Jacky and Max
B TierMr P, Darryl and Pam
C TierLou, Bo and Nani
F TierEl Primo, Tara and Surge

This is the Brawl Stars Tier List we compiled according to the game modes. Comment down below and tell us if you agree with our Brawl Tier List or not. If not, then enlighten us on who should be the top brawler and who is the worst?


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