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Best and Worst Brawlers for Siege

Siege Brawl Stars

There are several Brawl Stars game modes, and every game mode is best played with different Brawlers. In this blog, we have discussed the Siege game mode of Brawl Stars. According to us, the best brawlers and the worst Brawl Stars characters to use in Siege are discussed below.

The Brawlers listed in the S tier in the Brawl Stars Tier List might be the best in Siege mode. They are just great Brawlers in every game but are ok characters in Siege. So here is my Siege Tier List.

S TierJessie, Nita, Penny, Barley
A TierFrank, El Primo, Spike, Dynamike, Bo
B TierDarryl, Leon, Tara, Brock
C TierColt, Mortis, Gene, Crow
F TierShelly, Poco, Piper

Best Brawlers for Siege

The best Brawlers for the Siege mode are in the S tier list above. These include the following:

In Siege, the enemy Brawlers are all bunched up in one place, and Jessie’s attack bounces from one enemy to another, so she has a great advantage over her enemies in Siege. When she shoots, her attack targets several enemy Brawlers at once, making her the best Brawler for Siege.

Nita uses her bear to scare her enemies, forcing them to retreat and fall back. She also has quite a speedy reload pace, and she attacks enemies after enemy, which gives her the ground for controlling the middle in the Siege battlefield.

Penny’s turret explodes! She can place it at any wall; when enemies are near, her turret explodes, damaging many enemy Brawlers. Her regular attack is also very powerful, giving her the benefit of keeping the safes secure and attacking enemies right and left.

Siege game mode is an easy win if you can control the middle, and that is where Barley belongs. He easily defeats enemies when he remains in the middle. He also uses his incredible Super to get on top of his enemies by controlling a large part of the battlefield and easily making you and your team win the Siege mode by spawning his turrets.

Worst Brawlers for Siege

The worst players on Siege mode are the ones in the F tier of our Siege Tier List:

Shelly is a close-ranged Brawler who cannot deal much damage to far away Brawlers, so it makes her a weak Siege Brawler because the long-ranged Brawlers on the enemy team can easily take her out.

Poco has high health but low damage-dealing abilities, so he’s not a great asset in Siege because we need to take over and destroy the enemy Brawler, not deal low damage to them.

Piper is not such a good Siege player because of her low health, which makes her a vulnerable team member who can easily be defeated by an enemy army, even though she has high damage dealing powers.

If you agree with our judgment of the best and the worst Brawlers in the Siege mode, tell us below. Also, tell us who do you think are the best and the worst in other game modes?


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