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Best and Worst Brawl Stars Characters for Bounty

Bounty Game Mode Brawl Stars

Bounty has to be one of the most thrilling and exciting game modes; it is a 3v3 team match that is time-sensitive. You need to kill as many enemies as you can in 2 minutes. Each player has his bounty, and once you defeat an enemy, their bounty score will be added to yours. When Brawl Stars characters get defeated, the bounty of your team will be reset to two stars. 

In this game mode, the key is to have high DPS players so you can defeat your enemies quickly without getting defeated by them, so you need to make some smart choices while choosing Brawl Stars characters. This guide will help you with that!

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Best Brawl Stars Characters for Bounty


Brock’s attack packs a powerful long-ranged effect that lets him defeat the enemies. It becomes much easier when he gets cover from his teammates and the walls because he has low health, so it’s important not to get hurt in the process of attacking others. He can use his Super to break walls and attack the enemies hiding behind them. 


Piper can deal a good amount of damage in a long-range, and her bullets move faster than Brock’s. She also utilizes her Super to get out of close-ranged enemies to save herself. Another great advantage of her Super is that she can still deal damage on her enemies while escaping away from them by dropping grenades on them


Bo’s attack covers the area all the way from left to right, which is great to finish off the enemies. His Star Power increases his vision, and he can see through the bushes and locate all the hiding enemies, which is really useful in some maps like Snake Prairie. 

Apart from that, his Super can also be used to control a large area, breaking walls, dealing damage, and force the enemies back. He has another Star Power, Snare a Bear, that immobilizes the enemies and lets his teammates kill them off.

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Worst Brawl Stars Characters for Bounty


Nita’s attack has very low damage, and her moderate health doesn’t let her stay in the game for a long while. If she gets defeated, all her teammates will bear the loss as their bounty will be reduced. So it is best not to choose her in this game mode. 


El-Primo attacks with his fists, which means he needs to get as closer as possible to the enemies. Brawlers with low attack range are not suitable for this game mode as they can quickly become a liability for the whole team. 


Bull is another low-range attacker. His attack is only effective when shot from a close range, which is of no use in this game because you need to save yourself from getting attacked while defeating your enemies simultaneously. 

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However, the key to winning bounty is being patient and trying to gang up as much as possible because it will increase the DPS, defeating your enemy much quicker than you think!

Stay tuned and keep an eye on the Brawl Stars tier list to choose your brawler wisely!


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