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Best 15 Tips and Tricks for New Players

Brawl Stars Beginner Tips

Hello everyone, I’m George and today I am going to give you the best 15 tips for new players in Brawl Stars.

After reading this guide, I am pretty sure that you guys will become a lot better in the game with ease.

All of these tips are super important If you want to grind faster and gain more trophies in the game so make sure you guys read all of them.

Let’s waste no more time and hop right on into the guide!

Best 15 Tips and Tricks for New Players in Brawl Stars

1. Know your Brawlers!

A very important thing to always remember is your brawler’s strong points, and weaknesses. If you know these things then you can play your brawler according to the situation. So I definitely recommend getting to know how your brawlers function.

Visit our Brawlers page for the guide and tips for knowing your Brawlers better!

2. Pick the correct Brawlers for each Map/Game Mode

Always use the correct brawler for the game modes or maps you are going to play.

For example, If you try to use Barley (a thrower), in a map where Bull (a shotgunner) thrives, your chances of winning are very slim. Yet it’s still possible.

Here are some examples.

3. Shotgunners

Okay so let’s chunk down a notch here and focus on shotgunners: Shelly, Bull and Darryl.

The key to winning with these Brawlers in a shotgun map is to get control of grass in the middle.

You’ll be able to see whoever is around and once they enter in the bush, BANG he/she is dead.

The key here is that you have the jump on him/her.

4. Teaming

Yes you might be thinking, “seriously” and my answer to that is “yes”.

Most Youtubers do not want to encourage it because it ruins showdown. Which is true, it really does.

But if you can’t beat them, join em. Am I right? Or am I right? (Spinning in circles is the sign to show you want to team.)

Now do beware and don’t get too close to enemies because they might decide to betray you. Keep a friendly distance between you and your teamers and all should go well. You can even betray if you desire. I don’t advise on it though. It’s not kind. ?

5. The first Showdown Box

DO NOT fight for the first box unless you are absolutely certain you can beat the person competing for the box.

TRUST ME it’s not worth it.

Let me go off with a little example here. Let’s say you won your previous game, and got 6 or 7 trophies. You’re all hyped and feel confident now. So next game you decide to fight carelessly for the opening box and die. You have a really high chance of getting 7th to last place. And that’s minus 6 or 7 trophies. You would have wasted the game that took you 3 minutes to win.

You could also win the fight, but is it worth the risk?

I’ll let you decide.

6. Try not to queue with random people in higher Leagues.

I highly recommend otherwise. You may be really good, but you have no idea what teammates you’re gonna get.

You might be at 2k trophies and for all you know, you’re teammates could have just started.

Making a party with some friends is definitely the way to go. Now if you don’t have any or are just playing casually, and don’t really care, then queuing with randoms is okay. Just know that it’s a high risk.

Want to find teammates and doing voice chat while playing? Join our Discord!

7. Stop playing After losing few games in a row.

Yes this one is strange.

The first time I saw this I was also questioning it. But my friend (a pro player) told me it was a smart idea. And it’s very true.

You may have lost 30 trophies and want to get them back ASAP. Doing so in a tilted mood is not smart. You will most likely continue to lose.

On the off chance you do win them back, it might take way longer than if you just put the game down for an hour or so.

Me after losing 10 games in a row

8. A nice trick to beat the opponents

Here is a strategy for beating your opponents.

If you’re behind a wall and they are in the open, you have the advantage. You can peek over the wall for a millisecond while your shot goes off. Then run back behind the wall again. Making it so your enemy can’t hit you.

Keep on doing this and whoever is chasing you should back off.

9. Move tactically

Do not, I repeat, do not get caught between 2 people.

You don’t wanna be the insides of the sandwich. You wanna be that bread in the outside. (Weird illustration but anyways…)

This is very useful for end game. If there are 3 people left including you, don’t walk into a place where you’re in the middle of the other brawlers.

10. Free Boxes in Showdown!

Remember when I said that fighting for the first box isn’t worth the risk?

Well if you decide back off, a lot of maps have some boxes in the corner of the map. So there may be a free box with your name on it!

11. Auto-Aim

Auto-aim is good for close range. Since you don’t have enough time to drag your controller when there is literally someone on you.

But for long range I highly recommend aiming your shots manually.

Also, make sure to predict your opponent’s movements. If you get it right, he/she may just conveniently walk straight into your shot.

Now you’ve noticed most of these tips are for showdown. Yeah, it’s my favorite gamemode. But I’ll try to give you some tips for the other gamemodes.

P.S. Now Showdown is great for getting brawlers to 300 trophies. But after that, it can be a gamble. Just thought I’d add that in.

12. Best Tip for Brawl Ball

If you are 1-0 against the opposing team, and they seem to be good, kick the ball behind your goal and leave it there. This prevents the other team from snatching the ball and scoring.

What’s really good about this is that if you die, you’ll spawn right next to the ball with a shield. So you have that little bit of immunity to kick some butt!

13. A Gem Grab Tip for you!

I think you guys already know what this basic, beginner tip is. (I really hope you do anyway.)

If you have a lot of Gems, don’t charge the enemy. Play a little more passive.

If you have all 10 gems, then definitely don’t charge the enemy. In fact if you carry all 10 gems and the countdown is ticking, the best thing to do is run back to your spawn and hide in a bush.

If you do end up getting killed the Gems are in your spawn so you have the advantage over the enemies.

Don’t be that guy will all the Gems and throw the game!

14. A Tip for the Heist Gamemode.

The key to heist is to have at least 1 brawler that can get to your enemy’s safe really quickly. An example is Darryl, Bull, Primo, and Crow. (if you’re lucky enough to have him)

Having a thrower on the team would also help a lot. (Barley, Dynamike). When your tank decides to push the enemy safe, you charge with him. The enemies will most likely fall back to stop your tank (Darryl, Bull, Primo) from attacking their safe. That’s when the other brawlers push up and give a supporting hand and hopefully take out the safe!

Saving your super is very key in Heist. You want that contact on the enemy’s safe.

15. Use your gems wisely!

Many experienced players say that buying  Token Doublers and  Tickets from the shop are the best ways to use your Gems. I also agree with this.

Stock up on  Token Doublers and  Tickets and then grind the weekly events. (Robo Rumble or Hunting Party)

I recommend getting some friends and playing because like i said before, queuing with randoms may be a risk.

Plus, you and your friends can choose what comp will do good in the ticketed events.

That’s all the tips I have for you guys now. If you have any, feel free to post some in the comments and I might make a part 2 in the future!

Anyways, this has been George and I’ll catch you guys in the next guide!

Peace out!

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