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Brawl Stars Characters Guide and Strategies for New Players: 8-BIT

8Bit Brawl Stars

8-BIT is one of the Common brawl stars characters who is unlocked as a Trophy Road reward upon reaching 6000 Trophies. He’s the most slowest among all the brawlers in the entire game.

8-Bit lumbers along like an arcade cabinet on legs. He shoots Blaster Beams and his Super boosts friendlies’ damage!”

8 BIT – The Arcade Brawler!

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Basic Information

Type icon Type: 

Laser beam

Rarity icon Rarity: 

Trophy Road

Attack icon Attack Range: 

10 tiles

Speed icon Speed: 

Very Slow

Attack Reload icon Attack Reload:


Role icon Role: 

Tank killer

Super icon  Attack speed:


Type iconSuper effect speed:


Star Power
Star Power: Boosted Booster Increases the Damage Booster’s range by 50%.Star PowerStar Power:
Extra Life
When 8-Bit is defeated for the first time in a round, he instantly resurrects

Level Stats


Level HP icon Health Attack icon Attack Damage  
1 4300 1920
2 4515 2016
3 4730 22112
4 4945 2208
5 5160 2304
6 5375 2400
7 5590 2496
8 5805 2592
9 6020 2688

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You can possibly only lose when he’s not maxed out and when maybe people haven’t completely mastered the skill of the 8-bit with that said guys it is very obvious. Why 8-bit so good in solo showdown when he’s maxed out okay his first up star power is it’s basically like band-aid Shelly before it got nerfed but like even more so on steroids which is crazy it’s even better the fact that he has two chances in showdown while other brawl stars characters only get one is it’s crazy it’s bonkers.

I don’t even know what to say in fact 8-bit has the sixth-highest use rate for solo showdown above 700 trophies and he has the highest win rate among all of the brawlers at 63.3% now by the way the numbers are actually including brawlers that take up the first five places so like if you win that’s the first five places and you know if you lose that’s the last five play anyway you get the idea 63.3% win rate is absolutely insane no matter how it is calculated now if we take one up and we like to set it aside 8-bit is still really good because he can output a ton of damage from a distance but he does have that weakness of a very slow movement speed additionally his turret can actually help him get some more damage on enemy players but most the time in solo showdown because it recharges so quickly like the best thing is to like use it to kind of like block a couple of shots if needed don’t do that against the Jesse or a Penny.

I have a bad habit of doing that just like a panic super and it’s doesn’t end well I would absolutely say that 8-bit is a nest here brawler in solo showdown right now a lot of the reasons why 8-bit is good in solos is a lot of the reasons why he’s also good in duo showdown except that he now has a teammate that can help him get more value out of his turret and obviously he’s gonna pick somebody on his team that has a faster movement speed that’s gonna help overcome the weakness of him moving so slowly now he also has the highest win rate out of all the brawlers in duo showdown above 700 trophies where he’s 20% more likely to win than the average brawler in duo showdown

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ATTACK: Blaster Beams

“Shoots a burst of Blaster Beams that damage any opponent they hit. The beams have medium range and a slight spread.”

8-BIT shoots a long-ranged burst of six light beams with a small spread that deals little damage each. If all beams connect, he can deal quite a bit of burst damage.

Brawl Stars | 8 BIT (8-BIT Guide) - GameWith

I believe he’s from the tropics of the brawl universe and he might even be a replacement for one of those old fashioned jukeboxes now I don’t know maybe brawls getting into the 70s now for his main attack blaster beams he shoots out a series of six fast lasers that each deal a decent amount of damage in a straight ish line and I say straight ish because while the aiming bar looks like a straight line there is just a bit of spread add by the time like the bullets actually reach maximum range but if you actually aim directly at a target at max range all six shots will hit the target so the only time that this will actually impact things is if your aim is slightly off the impressive thing about his attacks is that it is a high amount of damage for the range that it reaches this is balanced by his slow movement speed that makes him really hard it’s like it Juke shots or like chase someone down or escape from somebody that’s chasing you down.

For super damage booster he throws down a turret that increases the damage output of all friendly brawlers while they are standing in range of it other thing that really matters is when the attack is actually activated so like if a brawler like el primo jumps outside of the circle he’ll still do extra damage because he activated it while he was in the circle now his super actually buffs damage from all attacks almost all supers and a few star powers now all supers that deal damage will get a buff by this so the special pocos is super will also get buffed by 30% meaning that it will heal 30% more as well but Pam’s healing turret does not get a buff because spa Nobles are not affected by it this turret and this includes Pam’s Jesse’s and Penny’s turrets as well as neeta’s bear and Terra’s shadow now regarding star powers it does get a little bit more complex our powers to do damage over time like Brock’s incendiary or el primo el fuego do not get bonus damage her star power is that increased damage by a certain amount like a specific amount like plus 200 or plus a thousand those also do not get buff like Dynamite’s demolition or Barley’s extra noxious.

However for brawlers that have a star power that increases damage by a certain percentage rather than a specific amount the 30% is added on top of it so Frank’s power grab which increases it by 50% will actually increase the attacks by 80% total if he killed a brawler and he’s standing within the turrets range meaning that he actually built a total of 3024 damage with a single attack and that’s really crazy now mortices creepy harvest star power restores Mortis for whatever HP he deals with his super and since his super will deal 30% more damage when he’s standing within the circle he also heals 30% more as well additionally star powers that increase reload speed indirectly get buffed by 8-bits super, for example, Piper snappy sniping increases reload speed which allows her to attack more frequently until that 30% more damage as well which that’s actually a crazy combination if you ask me now.


The Range Test

Now when you line up 8-bits attack up against the rule you’ll notice really quickly that it has a range of 9 and 2/3 tiles which is the exact same as Leon’s attack range however Leon’s has a spread and 8 bit is in a straight line so a little bit more direct damage now when compared to attack ranges alone this Ties for Leon for fourth longest and it’s 1/3 of a tile shorter than Brock’s and Piper’s attacks and 2/3 of a tile longer than Jessie’s, Penny’s. and Pam’s attacks up for a super 8 bit throws with a range of foreign to per tiles and the turret has an effective radius of about five tiles add that together and you get a range for a superb 9 and 2/3 tiles as well now in the gameplay it actually looks like it has a 10-mile radius but it’s actually only effective up to 9 and 2/3 tiles and this is the 16th longest ranging Super in the game and when you compare it to all attacks and all supers he takes 19 for the longest range in the game out of 28 brawlers which isn’t super great.

The Race Test

If its movement speed is even slower than I first thought it was it takes him an entire 15 point seven seconds to complete the race test moving from the bottom of the map to the top of the map and as you can see guys he’s way slower than Nita and there’s no way that he’s ever going to be able to escape a BiBi when using her homerun star power now a pit moves at an incredibly slow pace of 1.9 tiles per second which makes in 27% slower than most brawlers 27% slower than Nita and that and he’s even 7% slower than Nita’s bear which previously was the slowest moving character in the game because of this it is incredibly difficult to juke shots as 8-bit and you can completely forget about chasing or running away from enemy brawlers even like tripping bows mines is incredibly difficult. I don’t even know if it’s possible I’ve tried by the way I failed every time maybe somebody else could do it.

The Survival Test

If it does not have any healing or shielding mechanics to help him survive for a longer period of time and that means that all he has is his HP to help him survive. He ends up lasting for 16.6 seconds against the sniper bot which is exactly as long as Carl and Barley lasted the last time we ran this test overall this gives 8-bit the 10th highest survivability in the game out of 28 brawlers which is pretty good I wouldn’t say that he’s super tanky but he does seem to have some decent survivability though he will be a very easy to target and due to his slow-moving speed.


So we’ll actually see if it’s very effective the attack tests now 8-bit shoots out 6 lasers with every single attack without his super buffing him they each deal 476 damage bringing his max hit to 2856 damage which places him in 4th place for the attack test he’s right between Pam at 3024 damage and bull at 2800 damage which really shows how strong his attack really is but what’s even more impressive is his attack when he’s allowed to use his super which buffs it by 30% bringing each attack to 618 damage which is a total possible damage with a single max attack of 3,700 8 damage which gives him the second-highest damaging attack in the game and he’s only beaten by Spike when spikes able to come to a complete attack on a large target with like all 6 spikes and the cactus so I mean like that’s not very effective in battle and so it kind of doesn’t count that means that eight it effectively has the most damaging attack in the game and that is absolutely nuts.


But what’s even crazier is it he actually has a pretty good reload speed as well the reload test now takes 8-bit 5.7 seconds to completely unload and completely reload three attacks this translates to a complete reload speed of 1.9 seconds which is exactly the same as Shelly’s actually for reference it’s very slightly slower than Rose’s and very slightly faster than Rico’s reload speeds now this gives 8-bit the eighth fastest reload speed in the game which is very impressive when you consider the fact that he has potential to deal so much damage with his attack paired up with super or even without his attack paired up with his super.

The Super Test

Now the goal of the super test is to compare how effective supers are at dealing damage to enemy players or healing teammates because 8-bit doesn’t have a super that directly damages enemy players he places last. I guess I don’t know them but the best way to compare his super is to actually use the boss test which will be later in this article

The Charge Test

For 8-bit to charge up his super it requires twelve hits and meaning that he’s able to do that with only two complete attacks if all shots hit he can do that in 1.2 seconds which is incredibly fast this is very similar to the charge rate of Pam Colt and Daryl meaning the 8-bit will actually be able to charge and recharge his super very easily by the way guys 8-bit doesn’t actually charge his super any faster when he’s within range of his current of turrets so that doesn’t help him actually the boss test.

The Boss Test

The boss test is really important for comparing 8-bit to other growers because he doesn’t have a super that directly deals damage to enemies a fit uses two quick attacks to charge up his super and then he throws it down which then buffs his attack from that point on in total it takes in forty nine point two seconds to take out the Bob by himself which is actually just as long as it takes el primo to do the same when el primo is using his super also instant area el fuego which helps a little bit damage as well now this gives 8-bit tenth place in the boss test and puts him right between beau at forty nine point two seconds and colt at 2.4 seconds.

The Swarm Test

The Swarm test if it doesn’t have a great way to take out more than one part at a time luckily though he is able to clear two BOTS with a single attack if he’s within range of his turret by lining things up just right it takes 8 bits 16 point 2 seconds to take them all out which really is not very impressive he’s twenty-fourth out of 28 brawler’s and it’s kind of only just barely bearable to watch him completely challenge the dive test if it actually does incredibly well with the dive test if you do it correctly this is done by throwing the turret while he’s running in so he can then get a few shots onto the IKE turret with his buffed attack damage doing that and then letting the turret tank a bit for a bit allow something like stay alive just a bit longer and if you do this right 8-bit can deal fourteen point eight thousand damage on the IKE tricked by himself which is just under half of the Ike’s health that is crazy I still need to redo this test to make the rule more applicable to actual battle but by my calculations this gives 8-bit the highest dive potential in the game with bull coming in second with 12 points.

8-BIT OLYMPICS! | How Does 8-BIT do in EVERY Test?! | New Brawler 8-BIT Mechanics

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Brawl Stars 8 Bit Guide 2020 - How to play 8 Bit in Brawl Stars

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Best Tips for 8 Bit

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Well, honestly it depends on the map for gem grab especially in the current meta where there are so many grassy maps all over the map cycle. Its because any brawler can come out of nowhere from the bushes and you have so slow movement speed which makes it really really easy for your enemies to dodge your shots which makes you absolutely useless. Just think of getting destroyed by a Mortis when he can dodge every single of your shots. That’s why using extra life would be the best bet even though it does not give your ammo till your shield wears off.As the slowest brawler in the game, 8-BIT is very vulnerable to the fast-moving speed brawlers, such as Crow and Leon. At the start of Showdown matches, focus first in killing these brawlers at a distance before they get closer and get the chance to deal a lot more damage.

Gem Grab

Gem grab can be pretty good for 8 Bit, as you would have the high damage advantage over the opponents while having them at bay by constantly chipping them down when they try to get out of their spawn. Use super so as to get maximum value by placing it so that all your team mates damage gets boosted. This is especially useful to spawn trap the enemies once at least two of them die. Use the extra range star power to get maximum value from the booster to boost all your team mates. You also get the advantage as no one normally uses snipers in gem grab because of so much grass except Square cross.

Brawl Ball

8 Bit is one of the best brawlers in brawl ball assuming there are not many closed quarters in the map. You can throw you super behind any barrels in the map and your whole team would get boosted, so you can easily take control of the map. You also could do insane play using the teleporting gadget which was just released. Don’t try to walk in the ball if you have it, cuz you are gonna die miserably, other than the fact that you are really good with his gadget.


Heist is an amazing game mode for him if it’s kinda open or it may go go against you because of so many throwers all over the meta. So be careful while choosing 8 bit in heist, only choose if you are confident enough that you could dodge the throwers shot. If you could go to their safe with your extra life intact, you can probably take down the whole safe if your opponents are with you.


He can be pretty bad at some maps while really really good at others like Canal Grande. He is a situational brawler. He can be pretty useful because of his booster. You could team up with a Piper and crush the opponents pretty badly. You can basically dominate the game until there’s no thrower in the matchup. Or your booster is barely gonna get any value. Don’t hesitate to make daring plays with your gadget when your extra life is intact.


He’s equally good at Siege just like gem grab.  Always make sure to throw the super so that all of your mate get the boost. Your high dps can melt down any tanks so don’t worry about getting too near especially with 6k health. You could also deal a lot of damage to the bot once it’s spawned, but make sure it does not.

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I did fail to mention is the fact that the respawn from his one of star power allows him to pick up any power cubes that he loses when he dies almost instantly and anybody that tries to go and pick them up is going to have to face him while he’s invincible and has that shield and he’s just lasering them down quite literally I mean it’s crazy he’s also a very solid either brawler and duo showdown if you ask me and one thing that’s important for you to realize is that 1up isn’t actually great outside of solo showdown with the exception of like one situation and siege.

8 Bit Brawl Stars Characters | Brawlers

I’ll talk about that later and the reason why is the fact that you know typically in most other modes you’re gonna die more than one time but if it still is amazing in the other 3v3 modes in brawl ball although he does have a lesson average use rate above 700 trophies he has the highest win rate out of all of the brawlers with a win rate of 60.5% and one thing that’s very important to know is that very few players play with randoms above someone hunter trophies so typically 8-bit will be played as a long-ranged damage dealer that can support a ball carrier that it has gonna be better if scoring most of the time additionally guys those players are typically very good at aiming their shots and that makes a huge difference still if it is one of the best brawlers for keeping enemies pushed back and he can also melt through tankier ball carriers like el primo if he needs to once again.

I think that he’s asked here maybe eight here on maps that are a little less open now although he does not have the highest win rate for heist 8-bit does have the second-highest win rate above 700 trophies the number one spot is actually taken by BB but 8-bit does have an impressive win rate of a fifty eight point six percent which is very solid the fact that 8-bits turret helps increase damage of all teammates around him basically allows them to like completely melt through the safe from a very safe distance away like 8-bit.

I tried this a couple of times and I was able to get it down to like nine percent that my timing and positioning was off and I don’t want to take the time to like record it perfectly and it’s very unlikely this will actually happen in a real battle but the fact that he can do this by himself means that with a robot his turret and some teammates you can absolutely see how easily 8-bit and some teammates could very easily make just with just a one push and destroy the enemy siege Ike there’s a reason why it was so easy for me to push 8 that just 750 trophies last season with randoms in just a matter of a few hours he is absolutely a sick brawler in the siege and of course that’s my opinion.

I think he’s fantastic next up we have gem grab where 8bit is still crazy good in terms of the competitive meta he has the fourth-highest win rate above 700 row fees and he is an amazing support brawler and will bolster the capabilities of your teammates as they’re trying to maintain control in the center now his boosted booster star power is perfect for gem grab because it allows the 30% damage boost to expand even further allowing him to help teammates or even be able to stay further away from his turret. I’m well getting the benefit as well now if it did have a below-average use rate in gem grab so the pros aren’t playing him on every single map in every type of situation but for those times when they did play him he had a win rate of 58.7% now I wouldn’t recommend taking a bit in with randoms on any particular map instead you want to make sure you have a map where he can actually have the range advantage that’s fairly wide open and you also want to make sure that you’re playing with the right comp so that your teammates can actually get benefit from his turret but on the right map with the right teammates a pit is solid and personally I would come as an a to your roller in Jim Graham yeah so guys we have bounty which is his work mode in the competitive meta which is kind of funny because he’s a long-range damage dealer which those are typically good in bounty and also he’s still not even that bad in the bounty as a win rate of 54 percent which is the sixth highest win rate for bounty and

I do think that you should take that with a grain of salt because he did have a very very low use rate for bounty above 700 trophies still though that said on the right map 8-bit can be a real monster because of how much damage he can output it a long-range but his big weakness in bounty is that unless he’s at his maximum range most brawlers can actually just auto-aim their shots at him because he’s too slow to dodge their shots so keeping your distance is very important okay guys now that we’ve actually covered each mode

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