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5 QUICK Tips About Brawl Stars Characters

Brawl Stars Tips

With over 24 different Brawl Stars Characters and 7 distinctive game modes, it is best to know some quick tips rather than trying everything yourself. Each brawler has its own strategies to use his/her strengths to the fullest and overcome weaknesses. They all possess unique powers, weapons, mechanics, and stats.

This post covers the 5 major tips that you must know to win the game!

1. Make Most Out of Obstacles

Obstacles like bushes, cactuses, walls, etc., are not only there to stop you, but they also save you from your enemies. You can hide from them by sitting in the bushes or dodge an attack by running around them. However, some Brawlers can see through the walls and bushes, so you need to be careful of them. 

When you place with Rosa bushes on this map the bushes are yellow instead  of green : Brawlstars

2. Maxing Out All Your Brawlers

It might seem impossible to max out all your Brawl Stars Character and receive trophies. But it is not that hard to achieve! The speediest way to max out all your brawlers and get them to 500 trophies is to play with your friends in the 3v3 game modes like Gem Grab, Brawl Ball, Heist or Bounty. 

3. Find an Active Club to Play With

Before you join a club to play with, learn how to select the best team that will be beneficial for your gameplay, don’t join a club with the players who have more trophies than you. Why? Because you will always have to face tough opponents all the time as the matchmaking always looks at the higher trophy brawlers. It can result in a low win rate, and you will not move up quickly. So you must join a club where you are between rank 40-60. 

4. Always Have a Gem Carrier in Your Team

When you are playing Gem Grab mode, it is important to have a Brawl Stars Character in your team, a gem carrier such as Shelly, Poco, Penny, Pam, or Bo. 

In this mode, you need to grab 10 gems for 15 seconds to win the game. For that, it is crucial to maintain control of the map’s center where the gems spawn. If you have a good gem carrier, he/she will take full control of the map and safely pick up the gems without dying. 

5. Teamwork

Make the most out of each brawler’s strengths and work together. Let’s suppose if there is a strong enemy brawler, team up with other 1-2 brawlers and attack the target. This would deal a lot of damage and be helpful as a team, rather than attacking them alone. 

Brawlers: Legendary - Leon | Brawl Stars

There are several other tips and tricks for Brawl Stars Characters considering there are 24 of them, and we will keep posting more about those to help you get at the top and earn more trophies.

Stay tuned for more fun and exciting blogs!

Also, don’t forget to let us know what trick you have up your sleeve! 


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